Michigan ag exports seek new markets


Michigan ag exports seek new markets

The Michigan Department of Agriculture is casting a wider net for agricultural trade opportunities as unsettled trade deals have left uncertainty in the marketplace.

Director Gary McDowell tells Brownfield that includes the United Kingdom.

“With Brexit, there will probably be less trade with the United Kingdom and the EU so it should open up some markets for America and Michigan.  We’re such a diverse state, we have so many commodities that we can almost be one shop for so many countries.

At the beginning of February, McDowell was also part of a trade trip to Cuba along with other ag businesses which he says was to raise awareness of potential exports and barriers that remain with the Cuban embargo.

Jamie Zmitko Somers focuses on international marketing with the department.  She tells Brownfield they’ve also expanded efforts to increase trade in new regions like Australia and New Zealand where specialty products are likely to thrive.

“We actually have a company here in Michigan that’s exporting pickles into Australia and is doing quite well.”

The department will be participating in several trade missions and promotional events this year throughout the U.S. as well as in Mexico, Canada, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

Brownfield interview with Director Gary McDowell Brownfield interview with Jamie Zmitko Somers

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