Governor Walz proposes $250k to enhance farm safety in Minnesota


Governor Walz proposes $250k to enhance farm safety in Minnesota

Governor Walz is proposing $250,000 to enhance farm safety in Minnesota.

During a conference call with reporters Tuesday, Walz says recent tragedies highlight the need for more active work around both education and grant funding.

“To put some of the guards in place, and continue what I think was a really good piece of legislation on the rollover bill for tractors. And that’s the model for what we announced today.”

Once reinstated, the Tractor Rollover Protection Program would reimburse farmers who retrofit eligible tractors with protective features.

“The Legislature will come up with their numbers, but this was kind of our take of what will be in a supplemental budget, highlighting the need to get this done.”

The proposal also creates a cost-share or reimbursement program for farmers looking to invest in grain bin safety equipment.

Walz says at least 10 people have died in farming-related accidents in Minnesota since June 2019.

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