USDA and FDA working through animal breeding innovations


USDA and FDA working through animal breeding innovations

Photo courtesy USDA.

U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says the agency working closing with the Food and Drug Administration on cell-cultured meats should set precedent for future relationships regarding gene editing of livestock.

“We believe they’re demonstrated to be safe and our goal is to make sure that we would use those types of things in building in or giving the industries the opportunity to build in disease resistance.”

During the recent USDA Outlook Forum, Perdue told reporters he sees food animal breeding falling under his department while FDA…

“Would have any other animals that they would control as they have now.  We went back and looked very clearly at the statute which is rather ambiguous.”

He says the agencies are working on dividing responsibilities on regulating new breeding techniques and believes genetics could eventually eliminate disease threats like African Swine Fever.

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