Hormel won’t take ractopamine fed or exposed hogs


Hormel won’t take ractopamine fed or exposed hogs

Hormel says it will no longer accept any hogs that have been fed or exposed to ractopamine as of April first of this year from its network of independent farms and suppliers.

Ractopamine is banned in China. Hormel joins competitors Tyson and JBS USA who said last year they would remove the drug from their supply chains. China is expected to buy more U.S. pork under the phase one trade agreement. As part of that deal China has agreed to work with the U.S. on risk assessments for ractopamine in cattle and hogs.

A Hormel spokesman tells Brownfield Ag News they’ve been actively monitoring the changing global market dynamics for several years and believe their decision will help Hormel meet growing international demand.

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