Nebraska Pork Producers Association develops ‘On Farm Leadership Program’

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Nebraska Pork Producers Association develops ‘On Farm Leadership Program’

The Nebraska Pork Producers Association (NPPA) has launched a pilot “On Farm Leadership Program” to help pork producers develop leadership skills among their employees.

NPPA education director Kyla Habrock describes it as “a new look at producer education”.

“The curriculum kicks off with comprehending leadership styles, managing the cycle of engagement and implementing positive change,” Habrock says. “Further focus will be placed on how to set expectations of your barn crew, how to coach them to success, and how to understand and manage relationships with employees, knowing that differences exist between cultures and generations.

“Finally, there will be an emphasis on making ethical decisions that are best for the organization, the employee and the customer. These skills are directly linked to the WeCare Ethical Principles we are familiar with in the pork industry. These skills can be applied at the farm level, and can spill over to provide benefits for families and the community too.”

At the recent NPPA annual meeting in Lincoln, we visited with Habrock and Bruce Livingston, president and owner of Livingston Enterprises of Fairbury, Nebraska. Livingston is the first pork producer to enroll employees in the program.

AUDIO: Kyla Habrock and Bruce Livingston

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