Farm Bureau working to connect Rural America to the world


Farm Bureau working to connect Rural America to the world

American Farm Bureau wants to ensure rural areas are connected to the global economy.

Economic analyst Megan Nelson says that’s why Farm Bureau is urging Congress to authorize spending to expand broadband access and improve rural roads and bridges.

“Being able to transport our agricultural goods is necessary.”

She tells Brownfield the digital divide is real.

“And so something we’re working on a lot right now is mapping, and being able to utilize correct data-points and seeing where broadband access is and where it needs to be.”

Nelson is unsure about lawmakers quickly addressing these concerns.

“But I will say that it is something that is bipartisan. I think a lot of rural development efforts, particularly rural infrastructure, is something that’s on the hearts and minds of Democrats and Republicans alike.”

Nelson says inter-agency cooperation at the federal level will be key.  She points to the USDA and FCC working together to get broadband to more rural areas.

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