Vision 20/20 hires chief operating officer

Muscatine native Cheryl Plank returns to Muscatine as the CEO of Vision 20/20. Vision 20/20 is a collaborative initiative between the Muscatine Welfare Association, Senior Resources, Crossroads, and the Muscatine Center for Social Action (MCSA) to develop a more efficient and effective delivery system.

Vision 20/20 has been established to address and coordinate the work of these four Muscatine based mission driven non-profits in providing services to better meet the needs of seniors, disabled and displaced persons in Muscatine County.

Vision 20/20 is developing an organization system and staff to maintain and support the integrity of the services provided to and for Muscatine County residents. The collaborative work of Vision 20/20 will encourage and assist, the sustainability of these four, and potentially additional, nonprofits and their services in the City and County of Muscatine.

The concept of Vision 20/20 is simple as stated by John Beckey, President of the board, “If we put the right organization structure in place now, focused on leverage, efficiency and effectiveness, Vision 20/20 can lead to a sustainable future.”

Cheryl was hired because of her more than 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector and her success in a variety of leadership roles. She began her career right here in Muscatine at the local Muscatine YWCA. Cheryl was instrumental in the growth of Lutheran Service in Iowa (LSI) in Muscatine and around the state, where she spent nearly 18 years in a variety of positions; with her most recent position being that of the vice president. Her experience spans a range of programs demonstrating a strong record of leadership, management, policy development, relationship building and a passion for service that has impacted the lives of many people.

Cheryl has a solid history of producing results within a limited budget and has worked with various funding sources. She deals effectively with staff teams, customers, executives, legislators and stakeholders throughout the state of Iowa on a regular basis. Her experience is uniquely broad, deep and diverse.

As an organizational and servant leader, she is mindful of the absolute importance of modeling behaviors that always, and in all situations, reflect the organization’s values and manifest its mission. She believes that successful change begins with effective communication, a clear vision and an inclusive approach.

“I am pleased and honored to be chosen as the CEO for Vision 20/20 in Muscatine. I believe my experience and knowledge of Muscatine will be an asset to this new association. It fits well with my personal mission to use my abilities to serve, support and sustain peace and understanding through compassionate action,” stated Cheryl.

For more information please contact Cheryl Plank at 563-263-7292 or email