1 Million Jumps in one year for charity

One Muscatine-area woman jumped one million times in one year as her one small gesture to show support for many as they battle cancer and hunger.

For Tracy Pelzer-Timm her personal New Year’s challenge grew into a labor of love to help spread the word of two charities that are dear to her heart.  She started jumping rope. By March she set the goal of one million jumps by year-end to raise awareness for two charities, the Foye Belle Foundation and the Malachi Legacy Fund each started by two of Pelzer-Timm’s friends.

“Tackling my personal challenge meant so much more to me after I was able to shift the focus to help raise awareness and funds for the Foye Belle Foundation and Malachi Legacy Fund,” said Pelzer-Timm. “This challenge took on a new purpose that was far greater than just a simple personal gain.”

“Chelsea was such a vivacious light when we first connected and this is my way to help have her legacy live on, and Jen with her efforts have been such an impactful shining light in my life” she said.

The Foye Belle Foundation was started Chelsea Berler after she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer at age 33. During Chelsea’s cancer journey, she was gifted several blue bags and the concept was born. Although many fine organizations raise money and awareness for breast cancer research and awareness, the Foye Belle Foundation seeks simply to help cancer patients through the tough times. Whenever you’re feeling a patient feels ‘blue’ she (or he) can pull out her blue bag, grab an item, unwrap it, and enjoy with hopes that it will make her feel a little less blue. This Blue Bag movement hopes to bring a smile to someone battling breast cancer, even if it’s just for a moment of feeling less blue. The items in a Blue Bag may make a person laugh, be helpful during their cancer journey, or maybe it will be something that will move them forever.

Following a mission trip to the Philippines, Jenifer Furness established the Malachi Legacy Fund to feed and provide basic needs for one million children home and abroad. Its mission is feeding and providing basic needs —physically, emotionally, and spiritually for 1M children through partnerships organizations like Feeding America in the United States and NVC Foundation – Negrense Volunteers for Change in the Philippines.

On Sunday, Dec. 29, Tracy Pelzer-Timm reached her goal to jump rope one million times in one year. As a personal fitness challenge, she averaged 2,500 to 3,000 jumps daily to get to 1,000,000 jumps.  As she broadcast on Facebook live on her final day, she completed her challenge with 2,500 jumps using her ½-pound, 1-pound, and 5-pound ropes.

Taking cue from another successful fundraiser earlier this year, Pelzer-Tim created a Venmo account to collect funds. She will split the donations to give half to each charity. Donations and support can be sent her way via Venmo at: www.venmo.com/Tracy-Pelzer-TImm  or @Tracy-Pelzer-TImm.

Through joyful tears as she finished her livestream and her challenge, she thanked her supporters for following along on her journey.

“I am I honored to dedicate my accomplishment to help my friends further their goals,” said Pelzer-Timm.

“I’ve been thinking about that the past few weeks and when it comes to jumping rope, I’m looking forward to participating in jump rope challenges, including 200 jumps in 1 minute and 100 unbroken Double Unders,” she said.

As for a non-jump rope challenge she said, “I want to help to show others that making small choices every day can lead to bigger accomplishments and improvements in their lives, no matter where they are starting from … we are all capable of far more than we ever give ourselves credit for.”