Amy in the AM: Change can be scary, but it’s vital

Amy in the AM

KWPC Morning Show host Amy in the AM

By Amy Kernan

I’ve never been afraid of change. I usually embrace it and hope for the best. That being said, I’m never really impressed by change’s timing. Rarely does change come when you’re completely ready for it. Usually, change shows up and forces your hand. While it seems inconvenient and downright infuriating, change usually leads to something better. It jumbles up your circumstances and asks you adapt.

Change can be a real jerk and the most eye-opening and wonderful thing in the world.

As we come to the close of the year, as December looms and will no doubt fly by opening up 2020 to us, I’m reflecting a lot on change. The changes I’ve made already, the changes I must make in order to live a better life, and the changes happening all around me.

This job for example, this job has metamorphosed into something completely different than what I had anticipated. I’ve met some amazing people both on and off the microphone. I’ve met with a lot of hurdles that I didn’t believe I’d get over. Yet here I am; rolling with the punches, letting go of the initial idea of ‘my job’ and trying to carve out something entirely different all because of forced changes.

The radio farmhouse has gone through more than its fair share of change. It has seen a lot of faces and watched a lot of faces disappear. If these walls could talk, right?! Yet one thing remains and that’s the people inside of it working hard to put out positivity and quality.  The farmhouse is continuing to change even now and the effort our small staff is putting into it feels good. It feels like the right time to shed the skin of the past and become something that everyone can enjoy and become a real part of.

We’ve got big changes coming in the world, the country, the community and in our personal lives. Everyone has something “cooking” in the way of change. It’s happening here and now at KWPC and KMCS.  I can’t wait to share some of these changes with you and I hope you’ll stick around for the fun.

It’s easy to tell someone to stop fearing change and rarely does telling someone that help the situation. I’d only tell someone that while change can be scary it’s absolutely vital to living and that there’s always going to be a bright side to it because it’s true what they say, “Everything happens for a reason.” Cliché or not, it’s true.

Stay tuned…