Letter to the editor: There’s another presidential candidate to consider

Photo courtesy of Senator Mike Bennett's Facebook

In his book, the “Land of Flickering Lights,” Senator Mike Bennet talks about the problems of our political system, problems that Donald Trump worsened but did not create.

We’ve seen these problems manifest in the climate science denials, extremely partisan Supreme Court appointments, go-it-alone diplomacy and the outright corruption of the Ukraine deal.

Senator Bennet’s remedy is clear: we need a President whose proposals can win bipartisan consideration and support. Senator Bennet has a reputation for getting things done. His ideas are progressive and practical. Adding a public option to our health care system with additional measures to control cost could be enacted. There is widespread support for rejoining the Paris climate agreement and for environmental policies which focus on new job-creating technologies.

As the former superintendent of Denver’s schools, he knows what we need to do to get education back on track. And he advocates for a more rational foreign policy that avoids quagmire regime change wars but protects our vital interests and allies.

Let’s make Mike Bennet our Democratic Presidential nominee. He’s a nice guy who’s hard-working, honest, and competent. He leads with compassion and integrity; he represents all the things missing from our current president. I think Washington could use a breath of Rocky Mountain fresh air. Join me in caucusing for Mike.

Henry Marquard, Muscatine