Hunter introduces an adorable monkey. Submitted photo

Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre continues its West Liberty performing season for families with the Hunter Marionettes from Minneapolis on Saturday, November 9 at 11:00 AM and 2:00 P.M. at Owl Glass Puppetry Center, 319 N. Calhoun, West Liberty.   Tickets are $5.00.

PENGUIN IN MY POCKET tells the fun-filled and quirky tale of a penguin scientist who crash lands in the jungle when her experimental jetpack fails, and how she works with an artistic monkey to find her way home — encountering a sea monster along the way. It’s a solo show featuring marionettes, rod puppets, audience member puppeteers, and live concertina music. A review in the Puppetry Journal exclaims:

“Armed only with a concertina, Hunter strolls onto the stage wearing a brown, oversized coat with yellow fringe, a yellow bowtie and a matching train conductor hat. He draws the audience in immediately with

his Wallace Shawn-like charm, playing a simple tune as he leads them in an anthem:

Imagine, your dreams can really happen

Imagine, a world you can create

Imagine a penguin in your pocket,

Can you imagine? I can.

This isn’t just lip service. From that moment, Hunter begins a journey into imagination and ingenuity that has audiences gasping in awe. The theatre stage is empty except for

Hunter and a black open trunk, turned on its side. As Hunter tries to recall where he has left his puppet stage, audience members sit, mouths agape, as from his coat, Hunter pulls out a playboard, then a step stool, then scenery (with a door!) and finally, puppets. Stringed marionettes. In his POCKET”. The show continues from there.

The Hunter Marionettes have entertained audiences from concert halls to grade schools, from retirement homes to preschools.        Hunter has performed in West Liberty many times, at Owl Glass Puppetry Center and at the West Liberty Children’s Festival.  PENGUIN IN MY POCKET was featured at the 2018 Great Plains Regional Festival in West Liberty and at the 2019 Puppeteers of America National Festival in Minneapolis.

For further information or to reserve tickets, call 319-627-2487 or e-mail