A new voice joins the airwaves

Morning-show host Amy K. joined the airwaves over the summer, hosting several popular segments each day.

Amy Kernan, known as Amy K. to listeners of KWPC AM 860, FM 95.1, has known that music would be a part of her future from a young age.

Amy recalls flipping the pages of various music magazines, seeking out reviews of the newest bands and music trends.  She says it has always been the independent and unique sounds that have appealed to her.

It is that same sense of nonconformity that led Amy to Muscatine’s radio farmhouse.

“I love the off-beat feel of the whole place. It feels very Iowa,” Amy says, “I love that whole place does not feel mainstream, it is not cookie cutter offices.”

Amy joined JAM Media over the summer, stepping into the role of morning host on KWPC AM 860, FM 95.1 as well as helping with production behind the scenes.

Though she grew up further up the Mississippi in Princeton, she has jumped into Muscatine with both feet.  Amy has moved to Muscatine and is looking forward to becoming a part of the community. “I really love the character of the downtown area.”

In addition to hosting the KWPC Birthday and Anniversary Show each morning, she is continuing to host the morning segment Moving Forward, featuring local guests and local area topics.  Amy is excited to continue on the tradition of sharing information with the community as well as being able to learn about the area herself.

In her off time, Amy spends her time exploring her new community, reading, playing Sims, and delving into several fandoms including Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and many more.

Listeners can find Amy weekday mornings from 6-10 am on KWPC, or listen live at VoiceofMuscatine.com