Submitted by Davis Schrock,
Speech and Debate Coach

The Muscatine High School Speech and Debate team competed Saturday, December 3 at Davenport West. The team took 16 students with 14 competing and 2 novices observing.

Due to the lack of schools showing, duo interpretation, humorous interpretation program, oral interpretation, and dramatic interpretation were combined. Original oratory competed as normal.
From Muscatine in Original Oratory, Kjirsten Osland took third, Erin Elizalde took fourth, and Abby Haller took fifth.

In the combination event Jeramiah Daniels took first, the team of Ezekiel Ellis and Destiny Williams took second, and the team of Wyatt Foor and Kevin Aguilar took third. They were followed by Daniel Salazar at fourth, Seery Awbrey at sixth, and Lauren lettington in seventh.

The team competed in Des Moines the weekend of December 10.