Contributed by Davis Schrock
MHS Speech and Debate Coach

On Saturday, seven MHS students, along with their two coaches, Davis and Betsy Schrock, and MHS graduate chaperones Abby Zoller and Leo Carrillo, headed to Birmingham, Alabama, to compete at the 2017 National Speech and Debate Association National Tournament.

The team of Destiny Williams and Ezekiel Ellis are set to compete in Duo Interpretation. Daniel Salazar and Gabe Dipple will compete in Humorous Interpretation. Jeremiah Daniels and Macy Webber will compete in Program of Oral Interpretation, and Seery Aubrey will compete in Dramatic Interpretation.

The students are excited to represent Muscatine High School as well as Eastern Iowa on the national stage. Coach Davis said that they were ready and had been practicing hard the past couple weeks to gear up for this event. Over 250 students competed in each event in addition to the Muscatine High School students.

After a preliminary six rounds, the top 60 and each event will break to round 7 and 8. This process will continue with the pool being cut in half each round until there are top seven students in the nation. Those seven students will perform in front of the entire tournament on Thursday.