Contributed by Jennifer Watkins-Schoenig
Director Muscatine County Veterans Affairs
DAV Van Coordinator

Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI) are premium-based term life insurance programs.  SGLI applies to currently serving military members, including national guard and reserve.  If you are not already enrolled in SGLI and are currently serving, please see your unit’s fulltime staff for information.

VGLI is a program that continues life insurance coverage if the veteran enrolls within one year and 120 days of separation.  If the veteran applies for coverage within 240 days of separation, they will not have to answer any health questions. Veterans have the option to obtain the same or lesser coverage up to the current value at the time of separation. The maximum amount of coverage available is $400,000.  Lesser amounts are available in increments of $10,000 and can be increased gradually. Premiums for VGLI are determined by age and amount of coverage.

Another option for some veterans is Service-Disabled Veterans Life Insurance (S-DVI). As the name implies, the veteran has to have a service-connected disability that has been rated within the last two years, even if the rating is 0%. If the veteran did not apply within two years, they could be eligible again if they receive a disability rating for a different condition. With this coverage, the veteran must be in good health with the exception of the service-connected disability. The maximum amount of coverage for this plan is $10,000; however, there are circumstances in which the veteran could be eligible for an additional $30,000. As with the other plans, S-DVI is a premium plan that is based on the face value of coverage and the age of the veteran.

If you have any veterans benefit related questions, please call Jen with Muscatine County Veterans Affairs at (563) 262-4162.