School board elections are being held today in Muscatine County.  Polls will be open from 7 am to 8 pm for the Muscatine Community School District, and from Noon to 8 pm for L-M, Wilton, and West Liberty.

The most important thing a school board does is to establish a vision for the community’s schools that reflects a consensus of the board, community and district staff. The school board has a wide variety of additional responsibilities, such as adopting a balanced annual budget and issuing interim financial reports, adopting the school calendar, negotiating contracts with employee unions, approving curriculum materials and closing or constructing schools.

Board President Nathan Mather, and board member Mary Wildermuth are both up for re-election, while John Dabeet, Clyde Evans, Aaron Finn and Beverly Gerdts are new candidates.


Voters will be directed to vote for up to four candidates at the time of voting.