City Council members discussed three potential changes to parking throughout the city Thursday night, put together by a group of city staffers who have been examining downtown parking.

Finance Director Nancy Lueck said the first proposal is on 2nd Street, in which the city is considering changing the current rule — free parking up to three hours a day in each parking spot — to free parking up to two hours a day per each block. Businesses have requested a shorter time limit on parking to encourage more vehicles to park downtown.

“It would take more frequent patrolling of 2nd Street, but hopefully we can get people in compliance,” she said.

The council also talked about the creation of 19 new parking spaces, which the city will operate, following the construction of a new Kum & Go on Sycamore Street between 4th and 5th streets.

The city proposes the parking spots be leased spaces, which could help provide more parking for the public and city staff. Lueck said parking at City Hall is not completely full, but reaching capacity.

Also, after construction is completed on Mississippi Drive, the council is considering designating an estimated 59 parking spaces on the street as free parking with a two-hour time limit. Lueck said the city does not want to make the spaces metered, but they have options to makes these spaces pay spaces in the future.

The new parking rules would require ordinance changes and future council approval.