Off Air With Tony Tone: Acknowledging those who go unnoticed


On Friday, April 7 the City of Muscatine held its annual employee recognition breakfast at New Hope United Methodist Church here in the Pearl City. The room was full of City of Muscatine employees ranging from police officers to fire fighters, Musser Public Library staff, Parks and Recreation, and various other departments.

This was the second year that I was invited to do some light announcing at this annual breakfast. My job allows me to be at events like this breakfast and gives me a chance to speak in front of a large group of people. What I took away from being in the same room as these folks is one thing: they’re dedicated, to what they do and to the city of Muscatine.

Taking pride in your work can often be easier said than done. The various departments that work under the City of Muscatine umbrella are full of people who more than likely are your neighbors, family members, or friends. Over the four (nearly five) years that I’ve called Muscatine home, I’ve had the opportunity to become friends with a host of folks who go to work each day with the intention of making Muscatine a better place. I’m also the son of a Chicago police officer and grew up around city employees, so I have a strong sense for how that close-knit group operates.

I made it a point while I had the microphone in my hand to say thank you to everyone who was involved in cleaning up after the tornado that touched down last month. The men and women who worked around the clock to clean up the city while also assisting residents was beyond impressive. It was more than just doing a job, and I hope the crews that worked on that realize this.

Congratulations to those who are retiring from the City of Muscatine, and thank you for your years of service, no matter what department you worked in. That group includes Cynthia Eggenburg, Kevin Cannon, Alma Vega, Doug Barclay, Harlan Lohff, Mike Lowe, Janice Collins, and Mike Brogly. You contributed to the place that so many of us call home, and that is worth acknowledging.