The Muscatine county board of supervisors will follow the law as signed in with no additional restrictions. Muscatine county supervisor Nathan Mather told the Voice of Muscatine, “We just didn’t have enough time for us to make any real changes. By the time we would have gone through that process we would have been halfway through the season.” The board of supervisors may by ordinance or resolutions prohibit or limit the use of consumer fireworks or display fireworks. If the board determines that the use of such devices would constitute a threat to public safety or private property or if the board determines that the use of such devices would constitute a nuisance to neighboring landowners.

Senate File 489 relates to the possession, sale, transfer, purchase, and use of fireworks, providing penalties and including effective date provisions. 2. a. The state fire marshal shall establish a consumer fireworks seller license. An application for a consumer fireworks seller license shall be made on a form provided by the state fire marshal. The state fire marshal shall adopt rules consistent with this section establishing minimum requirements for a retailer or community group to be issued a consumer fireworks seller license. The state fire marshal will also execute two inspections prior to the license being issued.

File 489 permits the sale and use of consumer fireworks between June 1 and July 8 and from December 10 through January 3, but also leaves the door open for local jurisdictions to determine where fireworks can be sold and to shorten the period of time that consumer fireworks can be used.

Consumer fireworks can only be discharged on real property owned or on property where consent was given. Fireworks use is not permitted on public property including sidewalks, streets, and in the parks.