Mulford welcomes new pastor to Muscatine


Muscatine’s Mulford Evangelical Free Church has been without a senior pastor for 11 months, since former senior pastor Todd Hessel accepted another job as the senior pastor in Ankeny, Iowa. With the shortage of a senior pastor, Mulford put together a search committee of seven members, three elders, and four church members. The committee set out searching for and contacting pastors to interview. After the search committee decides on a pastor, the church members vote in the pastor.

After 11 long months of searching, Mulford found Brandon Nygaard. Brandon was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, but moved to Atlanta when he was in high school. Brandon attended college at Samford University in Alabama, where he had the chance to preach on Sundays in rural churches. Samford is also where he met his wife, Tara, on one of his campus ministries. His first pastorate took Brandon and his wife to Steinhatchee, a Gulf Coast fishing town in north Florida. In the midst of all of the travel, Brandon and Tara had two kids, one daughter, and one son.

“We are most excited about being a part of Mulford. The church has been very kind and welcoming to my family,” says Brandon. They are also excited that they got to play in the snow with their children, as neither of them had seen snow and enjoyed it immensely, although he says that around winter time they may be missing those warm Florida days.

Mulford is excited to welcome the Nygaard family into Mulford and tMuscatine and is excited to see what Muscatine brings for the family.