On Tuesday, December 27, people flooded the dining area at Boonie’s on the Avenue for a fundraiser in honor of the life of Micaela Brunson. Twenty percent of all proceeds from 5 p.m. to close that evening went to a scholarship fund in Micaela’s honor. This is a local scholarship available to seniors of Muscatine High School that students can apply for later in the year.

The event was organized by senior Stori Schmelzer. She set up and helped plan the event with the support of her friends. Stori had been planning this event since November 15, the day after Micaela’s passing. She chose this particular fundraiser because she knew it was a popular location and would bring in a lot of money for the scholarship.

“I feel like the event was very successful. At some points of the night there were people standing at the door waiting to get a table,” says Stori. The night of the event, volunteers helped Boonie’s staff refill drinks and bus tables.

The goal of the event was to raise $500, and the night brought in a total of $875.22. The organizers raised $730.22 from the sales at Boonie’s and $145 in donations. They were able to almost double their goal with the help of volunteers and the community.

“It was crazy, but a good crazy! It was really cool to see a lot of the community come out and support this cause and help raise awareness as well,” says Emma Mitchell, a server at Boonie’s.

Micaela was a junior at Muscatine High School and lit up the room wherever she was. She brought joy to everyone around her and never failed to make everyone smile. This scholarship was put together by her family to honor Micaela and help support students at the high school.