The Muscatine School Board held a special work session at their February 27 meeting. Muscatine Community School District faculty and staff, as well as members of the community, participated in the evening.

The evening was a continuation of previous board discussions over the direction of the district as a whole.

The current mission statement for the district is “Ensuring Excellence in Education for Every Student.” Attendees were asked to take an objective look at the statement and evaluate if a clear message was being presented. Presenter Chuck Manges stated, “The mission is the keystone upon which the entire plan is built.”

Manges talked with those present about the importance of holding onto the past. “Hold onto the traditions, the history. Tuck them safely away as you move forward. They are not to be forgotten as you move forward to become a district of choice.”

Manges went on to explain that rewriting a vision of the district impacts the community as a whole. “You get to write the future of Muscatine, to rewrite where it is going.”

Attendees were divided into several groups and then participated in small group discussions and learning sessions. Instructions encouraged the groups to “develop enough of a framework to tell [organizers] what to do, but not so much to get bogged down.”

Work sessions included a look at the districts’ core values, social/emotional and leadership goals, academic goals, facility and planning, and the district’s vision.

In each session, participants were asked to provide feedback, offer suggestions, and point out flaws.
The feedback will be cataloged and presented to the board at a later date. The board will then take a look at any new action that needs to be taken.

Superintendent Dr. Jerry Riibe says the plan is to have any new programs or processes ready to implement in the 2017-2018 school year.