Businesses, organizations, and individuals have the opportunity to sponsor the services and activities provided by the Muscatine Center for Social Action (MCSA) for a day. The Adopt-A-Day program through MCSA is designed to help bring awareness to the issues facing members of the community through a community-wide fundraising project.

Bonnie Nichols, MCSA Resource Developer, explains, “It costs about $1500 per day for us to keep the doors open.”

In 2016, MCSA provided services to 285 individuals, including 58 children. These services include housing, meals, and programs to assist in transitioning to independent living.

The individuals helped received a total of 17,867 shelter nights and were provided 7,131 meals. While the majority of the food is donated, the meals are prepared by staff and volunteers for the families staying at the shelter.

By comparison, in 2017 to date, 74 adults and 46 children have received help in the family shelter, and 75 adult men have been housed.

The Adopt-A-Day program aims to raise awareness of the need at a time when it may not be front of mind to many.

Businesses, organizations, and Individuals who participate are provided with a thank-you picture on the MCSA Facebook page. Sponsors who are not able to donate for a full day may sponsor a half or quarter day, or combine with other sponsors to provide a full day. The program will run through October.
Anyone who wishes to be involved can contact Charla Schafer, MCSA Executive Director, Scott Dahnke, MCSA Program Manager, or Bonnie Nichols, MCSA Resource Developer, at (563) 264-3278.