Last week Muscatine company Fighting Chance Solutions held a nationwide Facebook contest in support of educators in reaction to the state of Iowa’s legislative decisions regarding collective bargaining and education. FCS is locally owned by local educators. CEO and FCS co-founder Daniel Nietzel wrote February 16, 2017, on Facebook, “It’s a dark day for education, especially in Iowa, and it’s a dark day for our own personal families.”

Nietzel continued, “When morale is low in the classroom, what do good educators do? They recognize the value of addressing all the students’ needs, emotional as well as academic, and they search for a way to turn things around. Perhaps they pass out a treat. Of course, it is a treat that the teacher paid for him/herself! It’s amazing how even this small gesture can brighten students’ lives and help them feel the genuine caring that a teacher has for them. Today, teachers in the state of Iowa and across the nation need to have their morale boosted. We know it isn’t much, but our company is giving away $1082.”

The post was shared by 309 people entering the giveaway. Nietzel drew the winner in a Facebook Live video on February 24, 2017, and while people entered from all over the nation, the selected winner was Betsy Clements, the Director and lead teacher of the Louisa Muscatine Busy Hands Preschool program. Clements won $1082.