On Saturday, December 3, over 600 local individuals were impacted in a positive way through the generosity of others. Muscatine’s Mulford Evangelical Church hosted a local food bank on Saturday, December 3 for those in need. Mulford hosts four food banks a year at the church, located at 2400 Hershey Avenue in Muscatine, with the help of the Riverbend Mobile Food Pantry.

The Riverbend Food truck arrives at Mulford early in the morning with a variety of foods to give away. With the help of church members and other people in the community, they set up tables of food. When people arrive at Mulford, they receive a number and are sent through the line by their number. There is always plenty of food for everyone, from bread and vegetables to baked goods.

Fred Levinson is the leader of the Local Missions at Mulford. Fred works out schedules, coordinates with the church, and volunteers. He is at every food bank making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a way to help.

The food pantry is not only a way to help those in need, but it is also a way for people in the community to give back. Mulford’s food bank has many volunteers eager to help, sometimes volunteers as young as eight years old. They have people handing out food, people setting up the food on tables, people helping unload the food from the truck, and more. Mulford also has the help of Muscatine Hy-Vee in providing grocery carts for people to convey food items to their cars.

“My favorite part is seeing what we can do together with the generosity of the food bank, to Hy-Vee for loaning us the carts, to the many volunteers who donate part of their weekend to help others and praying with others and seeing how appreciative people are,” says Neil Bartelt, a volunteer and member of Mulford.

Mulford was fortunate enough to have the help of 50 volunteers at their last food bank, but they always welcome those eager to serve. If you are interested in helping in the next food bank, or have any questions about how to take part, contact the church office at 563-263-7489.