This Saturday and Sunday, the Muscatine Mall will see thousands of people for the 6th Annual River City Outdoor Show. C. Scott Richardson, or “Scooter” as I’ve known him, is the mastermind of this great event.
I met Scooter in 2013 when Vintage Sound was still in its infancy of being on the air. At that time, the River City Outdoor was held inside the Environmental Learning Center here in Muscatine. I was impressed with the crowd that year and floored at the 5,000 or so that have walked through the doors at the new location, the Muscatine Mall. Scooter understands the importance of creating events that will attract visitors to the Pearl City and, without question, the River City Outdoor Show does just that.
If perhaps you have not made it to the show over the past few years, allow me to set the scene for you. You’ll walk into the Muscatine Mall and be met with vendors that are all connected to the outdoors, from hunting, fishing, boating, ATVs, and taxidermy to antler scoring and custom duck or turkey calls. I personally have learned so much over the last four years that I feel like Babe Winkelman!
The River City Outdoor Show is presented by Scooter’s company, River City Promotions, which finds him creating and managing websites for local businesses and, of course, putting on great shows like this. I admire Scooter and his wife, Michelle, for how much they care about Muscatine and the surrounding communities and for the work they’ve done to make this a better place to live. We need folks like this who will take something that started as an idea and take a chance to create something that serves to benefit this town.
The River City Outdoor Show starts at 9 a.m. this Saturday and 10 a.m. on Sunday. Admission is free because of Scooter and Michelle at River City Promotions, along with support from Muscatine Power & Water. Please support this event and pack the mall. I’ll be there broadcasting on the radio on Saturday and probably taking another selfie with a snake (yes, that’s happened in the past). Hope to see you!