Muscatine welcomed cars and drivers from all over the country as participants in the Amazon Prime series “Fireball Run” made their way into town last Tuesday. Muscatine hosted the reality scavenger hunt as a stopover town between Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and Burlington, Iowa.

The show provides challenges to the contestants, who are competing not for a monetary prize but for a missing child. The race partners with the Child Rescue Network to promote awareness of the nearly 2,100 children who go missing each day.

“This race has tremendous results. We have had 51 children found as a direct result of tips and awareness created in the 11 seasons of the show,” said Jeff Griesemer, President and CEO of the CRN. “Over half of the children who go missing each day are runaways. These children become highly vulnerable. One in five children who run away become a victim of sex trafficking.” The CRN provides programming to help prevent child sex abuse.

Muscatine Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Jodi Hansen was excited to have the race in town. “It’s great that they wanted to come. We had to submit a resume, and they felt we had the right kind of history and interesting community to stop over and include us in their race.”

Celebrity racers included Brian O’Halloran, who is best known for his role as Dante in the Kevin Smith film Clerks. “This is my second year doing the race,” O’Halloran said. “I get to race with Jackie Siegel with the Queen of Versailles team. This is a fun show, but we are all here for one reason, and that is to help get as much information out there about these missing kids.”

Joey Krieger of Krieger Motors was part of the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry committee hosting the race. “This a really unique thing that is bringing a lot of really neat cars and interesting people to town,” Krieger said. “How often do you get to walk down the streets in Muscatine and see a Lamborghini or a McLaren?”