By Joel Kraushaar
Two weeks ago, the Muscatine City Council voted 6-1 to move forward with the resolution to pivot appointment power from resting solely with the office of the mayor and redistribute that power to a subcommittee comprised of two council members, the mayor, and the city administrator or designee of the city administrator. This action by the council was subject to mayoral veto. Mayor Diana Broderson had fourteen days to exercise her right to veto, and on September 1, Mayor Broderson exercised that right and vetoed the council’s vote.
The council, however, has the ability overturn the mayor’s veto, and with a 6-1 vote at the September 1 meeting overturned the veto, cementing the code decision. The next item on the agenda was approving the subcommittee for commission approvals. The council approved the creation of the committees 7-0. Councilman Allen Harvey stated, “Having served on commissions, I hope this committee will help keep the processes moving in a timely manner. Being short members on a committee is a disadvantage.”
The committee will meet to make a consensus for who should be recommended to council for appointments. City Administrator Gregg Mandsager made it clear that a city staff member is represented on all of these committees and that this staff member will be designated to work with the committee when selecting nominees to go before the council. His role will be to sit on the committee should the city staff member not be able to.
Mayor Broderson stated, “There are groups in town researching whether or not there is an avenue for a public vote that could change this decision.”