Muscatine Community School District is seeing a few changes at the beginning of this school year. The mission statement has been revamped and the two middle schools have become Junior Muskies instead of the Central Charges and West Warriors.

MCSD Superintendent Dr. Jerry Riibe said, “The new mission statement is a result of a year-long self-study that was conducted with the University of Iowa. Extensive survey data was gathered and followed up by focus group interviews with parents, staff, and students. The result of the study was a vision, mission, and targets for guiding our school improvement work.”

The new vision is “Every Student is a Success Story” through rigorous academics, focus on career pathways, and development of engaged future community leaders. The new mission is “Muscatine Schools will develop a community of successful learners and leaders.” The core values are mutual respect, clear and timely communications, students first, and dedication to learning and achievement for all. The targets are that students will graduate prepared for post-secondary options, students will learn in a positive and supportive environment, and Muscatine schools will utilize resources effectively and equitably.

During these conversations, a move to make both middle schools Junior Muskies was decided. “There is a belief that since both schools feed into one high school, the buildings should be the same—from curriculum, schedule, and identity.  We, MCSD, are all Muskies. We want to have a connected, coordinated K-12 system that culminates in graduation as a Muskie,” said Dr. Riibe.