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Candidate Profiles: Muscatine Fourth Ward

Muscatine Fourth Ward Candidates  Name: Nadine Brockert Office running for: Fourth Ward City Council seat What are the biggest issues you feel should be addressed? The need for a full-service, affordably priced grocery store in the fourth ward is the most immediate concern. Encourage the establishment of other retail outlets, such as the new bakery in the Western Mall. Improvement of infrastructure, i.e., fix potholes, repair alleys, address dilapidated/unsafe buildings would go a long way toward revitalization of neighborhoods. Push for improving the appearance of the southern gateway to Muscatine. Improve the outreach/communication from the city council representative to...

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Candidate Profiles: Muscatine Second Ward

Muscatine Second Ward Candidates Name: Michael Rehwaldt Office running for: Second Ward City Council seat Current Position: Second Ward City Council What are the biggest issues you feel should be addressed? Protecting the citizens’ tax dollars. In the last seven years, there has been no tax levy increase. That is phenomenal. You got to give staff a lot of credit for doing more with less. We give the order every year, no tax increase. And we find a way to make it work. I also believe public safety is a number one priority. There’s this culture in the fire...

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