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Off Air With Tony Tone: The race down Third Street

We are a few days away from the return of the Muscatine Soapbox Derby! The 4th of July in Muscatine now features one of THE best events in the state of Iowa. These soapbox derby cars will be traveling down third at speeds over 30 miles per hour! Based on how much fun the Muscatine Soapbox Derby was last year, there’s no reason to leave town to celebrate the 4th. Last year, thousands of folks lined Third Street in downtown Muscatine to watch the soapbox derby vehicles compete. I had the best seat on a stage on the corner...

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Off Air With Tony Tone: Join the fun!

Hello, June and hot summer weather! I wanted to give ya’ll an update about the fun we’re having at the radio stations and newspaper, specifically on Wednesday nights during “Vintage Sound Bike Night” that takes place at Mike’s Hilltop Tap in Muscatine. Doing something new is scary, and if I’m being totally honest, I was nervous heading into a weekly bike night on Wednesday nights. But thanks to everyone who has and continues to come out to the Hilltop, we’ve had a blast! To date, nearly 14 ZZ Top concert tickets have been given away, over 25 Adventureland tickets,...

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Off Air with Tony Tone: We need Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman returns to the big screen this Thursday, and I for one am looking forward to seeing Gal Gadot, the actress who portrays Wonder Woman, in action. The film is, as far as I can remember, the first real female lead superhero movie in recent years. It will tell the back story of Diana, an Amazon warrior princess who leaves her home to help solve conflicts going on in the world. If you follow the superhero genre, you saw Wonder Woman in action in last year’s Batman v Superman and will again see her in November when Justice...

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Off Air With Tony Tone: When duty calls

Last Friday morning, the Muscatine Fire Department were guests with my co-worker, Morning Joel, for his Moving Forward segment on KWPC AM 860 FM 95.1. We have a great relationship with both the fire and police department, so any opportunity we get to have folks from there on the air, we take. That morning, Joel was joined by a few guys who arrived to the radio station in one of the MFD’s ambulances. I was sitting in my studio across the hall listening to their conversation when a call came in, and two of the firefighters had to hustle...

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The first mow is the greenest

Hello, spring weather! Aside from a few April showers, it would appear, friends, that spring has officially arrived here in Muscatine! That’s exciting news for many reasons, specifically the front and back yard at my house. As of this writing, I have not yet mowed the grass at my house. I’m well aware that I’ve had several opportunities to get outside and get this done, but it hasn’t happened just yet. Should I blame it on the fact that I cannot locate our gas can and really don’t want to go buy another one? That would be lazy of...

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