Author: Sarah Coulter

Agriculture College and Career Fair

On January 19, Calvary Church played host to multiple businesses and colleges for the Agriculture College and Career Fair. The fair gave students in middle school and high school the opportunity to speak with representatives from colleges, small businesses, and local corporations about education and careers involved with agriculture. In total, about five hundred students took advantage of what the fair had to offer.  Jake Daufeldt, who was one of the people manning the Monsanto booth, said it was important for Monsanto to be at this career fair to help get their name out there, but also to offer a variety of student opportunities in multiple areas of study. They have engineers, marketing, computer science, law, food science, and so much more. Stacy Cook,...

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The Bells Ring For Wedding Belles

The Pearl City Players Theatrical Society is a local community theater group that has been active for over a decade. They find talented individuals from Muscatine and surrounding areas for their productions and musicals. This weekend was the opening of their latest production, “Wedding Belles.”   This play tells the story of four garden club ladies who meet a young girl who has come to their town to marry an infantry man before he ships off to World War II. The women decide to throw the girl an elaborate wedding, and their lives and friendship are thrown into turmoil...

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Fighting the winter cold

As winter goes on, the weather continues to get colder, and even more harsh. The subzero temperatures, along with the wind-chill, require more time inside and less time out in the cold. With these dangerous temperatures, it is important to make sure that you are prepared in case your car breaks down, your power goes out, or even if your pipes freeze. The first thing to remember when going out in cold weather is to layer up with clothes. Add lots of layers, including gloves, scarves, and a hat. Your head releases most of the heat in your body....

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Keeping furry friends safe in the cold

With January starting, we are approaching temperatures dropping into the negative zone. While we can crank up the heat in our cars and bundle up in coats and blankets, we have to remember our pets are not as fortunate. Although they are covered in fur, they are still affected by the cold weather. It is important to remind pet owners that with temperatures dropping, make sure your pet has a warm, safe place to go, whether that be inside your home, in a garage, or in a well-insulated pet house lined with straw and blocked from the wind.   Officer...

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