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Bible reading marathon in Muscatine County

Members of the Muscatine community gathered on the Muscatine County Courthouse lawn over the weekend to participate in the second annual Bible Reading Marathon. Volunteers chose a card with a specific section of the Bible to read. Once the section was read, the volunteers placed their names on the back and the section was marked off the master list. Volunteers had the option to choose one card or several. Many volunteers read several sections. The Bible Reading Marathon is part of the initiative signed in 2016 by Governor Branstad allowing for public Bible reading in all 99 counties in...

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Police Lt. hits his mark

Muscatine Police Department’s Lt. Jeff Jirak has received the distinction of being placed on the Iowa Governor’s top twenty list of the top shooters in Iowa for twenty years in a row. Jirak, who was named the number one shooter in the state in 2009, has been involved in competition shooting since before he began working in law enforcement. “I have been involved in the competitive shooting field since 1990.” He explains, “I was hired at the department in 1992, and I have been able to keep at it since then.” In addition to individual competitions, Jirak is involved...

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Outstanding Teen from Muscatine competes in Miss Iowa Pageant

Carissa Johnson has been competing in pageants for as long as she can remember. The MHS junior, who will be 16 this month, is the current Miss Scott County Outstanding Teen. Carissa competed earlier this summer for the title of Miss Iowa Outstanding Teen, where she placed fourth runner-up.  The category included thirteen teens from across the state who gathered at the Adler Theatre in Davenport, Iowa. For Carissa, the contests are more than what happens on stage. “I know that it sounds silly, but I really love to meet the other contestants. The girls I meet and spend...

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Building Bridges: Being the village

Patrick O’Neal Minister at the Muscatine Church of Christ (MCOC) I’m in the middle of a series titled “Being the Village.” It’s a piggyback off the old proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” There are many people in the lives of children: parents, teachers, coaches, babysitters, parents’ friends, public safety officials, you, me—the list goes on and on. There is influence from every angle. So what does it take for us to truly be the village that raises up men and women who are positive and productive members of society, who love God and spread joy? Most recently we talked about “Village Service.” James calls believers to do more than listen (James 1:22), talk (James 2:14), or believe (James 2:18-20). He calls them to put their faith into action. If you’re not a Christian, this doesn’t apply to you; but if you are, James is challenging you to put your money where your mouth is, to walk the walk, and to live out the beliefs inside of you. The life of the believer is like a Slinky. There’s the starting point of belief and the endpoint of salvation, but in between, we’re spiraling around and around, from faith to action back to faith and back to action. Having faith, even in the smallest amount, causes us to think – and, eventually, act – differently.  When we...

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HNI plays part in PrISUm Solar Car

An unusual car was on display on Tuesday, June 20 in the parking lot of HNI on 2nd Street in Muscatine.  The “World’s First Practical Solar Utility Vehicle” is a product of the collaboration of 120 students from Iowa State University. The PrISUm Solar Car Team partnered with HNI to develop and install lightweight seats in the vehicle.  HNI Vice President of Community Relations Gary Carlson says that the students contacted HNI during an annual HNI Day. Partnering with HNI “has been a huge advantage to them, improving the quality of the seat, while having much less weight in...

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