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Dolan brothers take on West Point

West Point Military Academy, founded in 1947, is an elite military academy reserved for the strongest people both mentally and physically. West Point requires good grades, high mental and physical standards, and a desire to serve others.  West Point sees thousands of students every year, but it is not very often that you see a trio of siblings get accepted and graduate from West Point. West Point has a 10% acceptance rate, which makes it hard for West Point to become a family tradition.  Yet three Muscatine brothers, Kevin, Conor, and Garrett Dolan, have all been accepted into West...

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Speech and Debate wraps season with wins

MHS finished out the 2017 season this past weekend at Des Moines Lincoln and brought home some hardware to show for it! Aura Niaves took 4th in Dramatic Interp. Macey Webber took 3rd in Dramatic Interp. The team of Hannah Pautz and Caylie McConnaha took 5th in Duo Interp. The team of Jeremiah Daniels and Lucy Brookhart took 3rd in Duo interp. The team of Macey Webber and Seery Awbrey took 2nd in Duo Interp. Daniel Salazar took 4th in Humourous Interp. Gabe Dipple took 3rd in Humourous Interp. Dalton Belokopetus took 5th in Informative. Kjearstin Osland took 1st in Original Oratory. Kristen Schlawin took 4th in Program Oral Interp. And finally, Mercedes Smith took 3rd in Spontaneous Speaking. On Saturday, the students competed in Congressional Debate, with Jeremiah Daniels taking 2nd and Ezekiel Ellis taking 1st overall. The team is excited to go into 2018 with a shot at doing extremely well at national qualifiers...

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Madison bounces for good behavior

This school year, Madison Elementary School has been setting and reaching goals for their students to practice using good behavior skills. This could mean cleaning up trash they see on the ground, walking in the hallway, or treating others with respect. The students can be rewarded “awesome tickets” from any staff member for showing good behavior. They can also be sent to the principal’s office with good behavior, rather than just being sent for bad behavior. Teachers can send their students to the principal’s office with a letter to Mrs. Zillig, Madison’s principal, explaining what the student did well,...

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Bell leads Muskies to the top

Muscatine Wrestling season is off to a sharp start, with senior Nolan Bell taking leadership. Nolan competed at a tournament in Ft. Madison on Saturday, December 16 and walked away with a personal victory, making the Muskies proud to walk out with their heads high. Nolan has been involved in wrestling since he was in seventh grade. Nolan’s wrestling career started because his friends pressured him into it. Now he is 2016-2017’s MAC champion. He is also involved in basketball, football, track, wrestling, fishing and hunting. Nolan wrestles heavy weight at 221-285 lbs. Nolan is not only a talented,...

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MHS junior takes on Outstanding Teen title

Muscatine’s Carissa Johnson has been named Miss Metro’s Outstanding Teen. Carissa is 16 and is a junior at Muscatine High School. Carissa has been involved in pageants since she was six years old. The first pageant she competed in was Little Miss Muscatine in 2008. Since that pageant, she has been competing for a title every year with the Miss America Organization. Carissa has held numerous titles, including Little Miss Muscatine 2008, Junior Miss Muscatine 2010, Junior Miss Scott County 2011, Junior Miss Great River Days 2011, Miss Pre-teen Muscatine 2012, Miss Wild Rose’s Outstanding Teen in 2015, Miss...

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