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Miss Muscatine welcomes Maggie Gehlsen

Maggie Gehlsen, Miss Muscatine 2018, was crowned on Saturday, January 6. She graduated high school from De Witt Central High School in May 2013. She went on to complete her undergraduate degree at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, where she graduated in May 2017 with her degree in exercise and sport science and concentrations in fitness, nutrition, and health promotion.  Maggie now owns her own business, Emerge Wellness by Maggie Gehlsen, LLC., where she assists women in achieving their health and wellness goals. Maggie also loves hot yoga. She enjoys anything fitness related, taking Orange theory classes, writing, working one-on-one with clients, and cooking. She also loves reading and tries to read one book every two weeks.  Maggie has been...

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Money saving tips from a broke college student

As new year’s resolutions are still at a high, people are still striving to lose weight, have a more positive attitude, and, of course, save money. Saving money isn’t an easy task for anyone, as we all spend money every day. Saving money and living on a budget is something all college students away from home have to do in order live comfortably. Who better to receive money saving information from than a new adult, learning the strings of budgeting? Contributed by a University of Iowa college student, here are some tips on how you can save a little cash to keep your new year’s resolution strong!  Save all of one bill. Chose a bill amount: ones, fives, or tens. If you pick 5’s, anytime you get a $5 bill back, whether it’s from a restaurant or change at the grocery store, put it in a jar and never spend those five! Every month, empty the jar into your savings account until an emergency strikes.  Browse apps for different coupons. Apps such as RetailMeNot, Grocery IQ, or Ibotta offer coupons and notify you of deals and savings going on at different stores. You can also check ads in papers as well as searching online for coupons for the stores you shop at.  If you’re going out to eat, look for specials. Before deciding on a place to dine, call the store and look online to see if they have any specials going on that...

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Muscatine gains new Miss Muscatine title holder

  On Saturday, January 6, Muscatine held the annual Miss Muscatine/Miss Muscatine’s Outstanding Teen competition. This competition was open to ages 13-25. Women competing in the Miss category are ages 17-25 and teens are ages 13-17.   Each year the attempt is to have a closed competition, meaning that only Muscatine County residents can compete, including those who attend school full time or work full time in Muscatine County. This year only three Muscatine residents participated, which means the competition was not closed and was opened up to other counties to compete for the Miss Muscatine title.   Judges...

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River City Showcase takes on another year

Muscatine High School’s show choir program will be hosting their annual show choir invitational, the River City Showcase, on Saturday, January 13. This is an annual project that the show choirs host in order to raise money for their choir program. In the showcase, other show choirs around the country come and compete against one another, with a featured performance from Muscatine’s show choirs. This year, 17 show choirs from five states are attending Saturday’s competition. Muscatine High School has two show choirs. One group is an all-female group called “Encore!” and the other is a group of boys...

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Jesse’s iPhone review

Apple released their new iPhone 8 on September 22, 2017, and followed by their newest phone, the iPhone X, on November 3, 2017. With these new products coming out, most people want the newest, most up-to-date technology. With that being said, is it really wise to spend $800 on a product you don’t know if you like? You can find reviews all over the internet, but local reviews are what you can really trust.   Jesse, co-owner of Muscatine Tech Guys in downtown Muscatine, gave a review of the two newest iPhones, giving an insight on what’s new, and...

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