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Local law enforcement joins the team

The Muscatine YMCA will hold their annual Special Olympics basketball game on Monday, February 12 at 7 p.m. at the Muscatine Community YMCA. This event, which has been going on for over 25 years, brings in the Muscatine Fire Department to play a scrimmage with the Special Olympic basketball team. The annual event started in the early 90s when the YMCA basketball teams were looking to have a scrimmage at practice to help them get ready for competition. The staff reached out to the Fire Department, and the rest is history. New this year, the Muscatine Police Department will...

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Changes on Mississippi Drive

The City of Muscatine is moving into the next phase of the Mississippi Drive construction project, reopening a portion of Mississippi Drive to traffic. With the road closed from May till December, many people are still adjusting and looking for the quickest, most effective route downtown.    Mississippi Drive remains closed from Sycamore Street to Mulberry. The entrance to the Riverfront from Cedar Street remains closed. However, the portion being reopened allows new opportunities for drivers to take a quicker route that is more suitable to their schedules.    Since Mississippi Drive is a busy street in Muscatine, the city wants to make sure it is in the best condition possible. The road will likely have higher traffic flow with the opening of the Merrill hotel.    According to the City of Muscatine, when the construction of Mississippi Drive is complete, improvements will include better street lighting, updated landscaping, gateway features, crosswalk and sidewalk improvements for the safety of pedestrians, storm drainage improvements, and roadway embankment work intended to improve flood protection.    Parking along Mississippi Drive has changed from parallel parking to back-in angle spaces. Back-in angle parking is new for Mississippi Drive, and the city wants to ensure safety for all  people.    “Motorists have better vision of bicyclists, pedestrians, cars, and trucks when exiting a  back-in angle parking space and entering moving traffic since their line of sight is not blocked by  other parked vehicles,” says the City of Muscatine.    This change also avoids the difficulty and frustration that can occur when backing into  traffic. Back-in...

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EICC welcomes sign language to course selection

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges started offering American sign language classes for the first time in 2018. According to EICC reports, the need for translators is predicted to grow 42 percent from 2010-2020. This percentage is much higher than the average for other occupations.     Sign language is considered a language class and be counted as credit for a foreign language. To receive a Deaf Studies Certificate, students complete several classes. American Sign Language I is offered for 5 credits, deaf studies is offered for 4 credits, American Sign Language II is offered for 5 credits, and deaf culture is offered for 4, as well as acting for 3  credits.    These classes help teach students how to communicate with others through sign language and educate students on deafness and interpreting for those who are deaf. Knowing sign language is as valuable as any foreign language in the event that you come in contact with a deaf person and have to be able to communicate. This could be a situation that could arise at work, school, or during everyday daily routines.    Students can take these classes on campus at Scott Community College or...

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Junior Achievement hosts annual Bowl-a-Thon

  Junior Achievement, also known as JA, is a nationwide nonprofit that pairs with schools around the country to help prepare students for future success.    JA has reached around 3,400 students in Muscatine alone, pairing with grades K-12. JA’s focus is to provide schools with programs that cover their three main points of emphasis: financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.    Schools can sign up for programs offered by Junior Achievement that they think will be most suitable for their students, and volunteers from the community come in and teach the courses to the students.    Tawnya Hambly, the public relations director for JA, says, “I wish I would have had  something like this as a...

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A tiny home in the making

Last summer, homeowners Mark and Julie Evans put up the sold sign on what had been their family home since 1985. Mark and Julie raised their children in that home and welcomed their grandchildren into the world while living there. While saying goodbye may not be the most ideal choice, the Evanses decided that their large two-story home was too big for their needs. After thought and planning, Julie and Mark decided they wanted to downsize.  Mark and Julie are now in the process of setting up life in their tiny house. They have had the little house since they first moved onto their property in 1985. At the time of moving, they needed more space...

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