Author: Ben Nietzel

Darkest Hour: A ray of light

Darkest Hour released on December 22 but has just now come to the local area. Those interested in the film can go out and see it now.    Darkest Hour is the story of Winston Churchill’s election as Great Britain’s prime minister during the Nazi Blitz in the spring of 1940. With the British army surrounded, Churchill must decide whether to negotiate peace with Adolf Hitler or continue to fight.  Pro – Gary Oldman  If you follow showbiz news, you’re likely aware of the praise and awards Oldman has been collecting for his portrayal of the iconic British leader. It is well deserved. Gary Oldman is transformative in the role. He looks the part, he sounds the part, and...

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – I have a good feeling about this

  Luke Skywalker returns, but in what capacity in the 8th installment in the landmark Star Wars Saga? Pro – Wonder twins The film is full of great actors and great performances. Everyone you liked from the last film, you’re going to enjoy even more. That said, special mention has to go to Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker and Carrie Fischer’s General Leia. Hamill is outstanding as an aged, self-exiled Skywalker and pays off the fan disappointment of his being all but absent from The Force Awakens. There is a sort of poetic symmetry that one can read (maybe too...

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Coco: Muy bien

Coco is the story of a young boy’s quest to pursue his love of music against the wishes of his family. Pro – Great movie-making Coco is just a great movie. It tells a story that is fun, compelling, and personal. It’s a story familiar to many: the real conflict of growing up and wanting to spread one’s wings set against the expectation of family tradition and beliefs. Miguel, the main character, loves his family and wants to make them proud, but also wants badly to play music like his hero, Ernesto de la Cruz, rather than carry on...

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Justice – Is League justice served?

Justice League brings together most of DC’s major heroes to stop a global threat. Pro – Getting better Let’s be clear from the jump. Justice League is a true improvement on the mess that was Batman v. Superman. While that might seem like faint praise, it shouldn’t. DC seems to have learned their lesson and injected some badly needed levity and humor into their grim, dark universe. The new characters Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg are a welcome breath of fresh air. All three of these heroes are likeable and bring something to the table, with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman...

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Kingsman: the Golden Circle

The opening scene of the super spy flick Kingsman: The Golden Circle is action-packed, really cool, and patently ridiculous.  This sets the pattern for the whole film. Pro – Great action The action sequences in Kingsman: The Golden Circle are fantastic. Right from the start, the set pieces are innovative, original, and well shot. The afore-mentioned opening scene has a great car chase with as much breakneck action happening in the car as outside it. As with all good spy movies, the gadgets just add to the mix. Electric whips, bulletproof umbrellas, and designer briefcase machine guns all enhance...

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