2017 Muscatine News Archive

Hanging up the headphones

This Friday, December 8, is my last day with Vintage Sound 93.1 FM, KWPC, and The Voice of Muscatine Newspaper. After nearly five years with Prairie Radio Communications (owner of the radio stations and newspaper), I decided it was in the best interest of me and my...

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Coco: Muy bien

Coco is the story of a young boy's quest to pursue his love of music against the wishes of his family. Pro – Great movie-making Coco is just a great movie. It tells a story that is fun, compelling, and personal. It’s a story familiar to many: the real conflict of...

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The cost of Christmas 2017

Thank you, Facebook! Just the other day I saw something that is potentially going to shift how my family approaches Christmas spending: “Get them something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.” I LOVE this idea! Call it cheesy,...

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